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Travel to Ninh Thuan, Visit Chapo Waterfall

There is a famous majestic waterfall in Ninh Thuan. The waterfall’s sound is like the voice of the girl of mountain, it is Chapo waterfall.

Travel to Ninh Thuan

The waterfall is located about 60 km to the northwest of Phan Rang city, about 500 m above sea level, in Phuoc Tan commune, Bac Ai district, Ninh Thuan province, about 10 km from Highway 27B.

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For the people of Raglai, the waterfall is the embodiment of the beautiful girl named Chapo. Legend has it that, in the past, people had to follow river banks to live. A family on the way found a little waterfall, they stayed there to earn a living.

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Some time later they gave birth to a daughter and named Chapo. She was very beautiful – her sharp and gentle beauty made many boys falling in ove.

One day the god of the sun was gone, the god of rain showered torrential rain. Long-lasting rain of rain from day to day carried away all the crops of the villagers and Chapel as well. When the god of sun return, everything was too late. In despair, people in the village saw the image of her hid in the rainbow with a clear voice and long hair in the water. Therefore, to commemorate that poor beautiful girl, the people named the waterfall Chapo.

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Those who love poetry and have a sensitive soul will imagine the fall is like a white silk cloth hidden in the midst of the green mountains and forest. Many people also imagine that it’s Chaplain’s blonde hair fluttering in the wind. Nestled amidst a vast, evergreen forest, this is an ideal place for those who want to explore the ecology.

Just in the distance, the rumbling of the waterfall always makes you stepping faster to see the waterfall. When you arrive, you will never be disappointed by the beauty of the falls.

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The waterfall flows straight from the height of more than 50 m down. At the foot of the falls is a very large lake with cool and clear blue water as well as bumpy cliffs jutting over the water.

To get to Chapo, you can follow two paths. From Phan Rang city, we follow the National Highway 1A about 4-5km to the north, meet Ca Du T-junction, turn left then go straight 40 km, meet National Highway 27 and turn left, go 2-3 km. Then there is a left turn to Ma Lam village.

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For a truly enjoyable and intimate experience, do not forget to spend the night in the home of local people, enjoy a dinner with local specialties and listen to legendary epics, or simply listen to the sounds of the mountains, the melodies and fantasies of Chapo.

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