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Tips to Have a Saving Trip to Sapa by Month

Located in the northwest of the country, between the high mountains of 1600m high, Sapa has a beautiful scenery. And this is also where welcoming thousands of visitors to visit and relax. The article “tips to have a saving trip to Sapa by month” would share the appropriate choice to enjoy your trip at its best and most economical.

Sapa 1

Sapa in the spring is so beautiful from above

As a new tourist destination to many people, Sapa still owns wild beauty with bold “flavor” of northwest mountains. This place is still waiting for tourists to visit, explore. From the beauty of nature to the beauty created by the hands of the people living here, all bring visitors wonderful and memorable moments. It can be said, to Sapa, tourists will be immersed in the extremely wonderful mountainous Northwest wilderness.

Sapa forest is always “open” to “welcome” visitors to visit, relax. However, due to the very high sea level, for each period of time, the space with hills and mountains changes significantly, bringing tourists a very new wild superb and attractive Sapa. According to many observers, every year, Sapa changes strongly three times per year, with changes in climate, landscapes and the lives of local people here. It is the time from March to May, August to October and December to January. How to choose the right time to visit Sapa cheaply? The secret to travel Sapa at low cost here will give visitors useful tips to choose. These are the real sharing of the landscape of Sapa from time to time for visitors to choose the most appropriate time to visit.

Sapa from March – May

The period from March to May is the most beautiful and green time in the year. This is the time when plum and peach flowers blossoming and many other beautiful flowers bloom together, welcoming the spring air overflowing. Come to Sapa around this time, visitors will enjoy a fresh spring air, freshly washed through each tree, majestic mountains spread throughout Sapa. From here on, Sapa Mountain Forest like a dress of flowers with a lot of different colors hidden in the clouds for tourists to enjoy the scenery and photography.

Sapa 2

Many national holidays drops on these months , so it is also the peak tourist season in Sapa. Therefore, the cost to visit Sapa is very high, visitors should think carefully before deciding to come to Sapa at this time. However, travelling to Sapa cheaply on the holiday is not difficult if you choose the right place to stop, eat or prepare some tips to travel Sapa on Tet holiday (new year holiday). This is often the experience, the instructions of the tourists who have been to Sapa many times in high season. So you can consult more to make your trip the best.

Sapa from August – October

Arriving in Sapa in August – October, visitors will be immersed in a very joyful atmosphere, excited rice harvest of the people of ethnic minorities living here. At this time, Sapa space has a great change in color, green colors of mountains and forests, rivers and streams are covered with a golden yellow of ripe rice, look beautiful and very sparkling. The space filled with ripen golden rice fields stretching on the slopes of this place makes people feel in love with Sapa, giving visitors great moments. Travel to Sapa this month is very convenient and cheap and you can watch the busiest Sapa time of the year.

Sapa December – January

December – January is the coldest time in Sapa. Cold air accompanied by fog with a cold five degrees, making the whole scene of Sapa submerged in a sea of mist and white smoke cleared. But if you like the scene of snow with white mist, choose this time to come to Sapa.

Beautiful natural scenery is not all that tourists can find if traveling to Sapa. Ham Rong Mountain, the ancient stone church in the center of Sapa town or Muong Hoa valley, Silver Falls is a few kilometers away from the town by the famous beautiful sights of Sapa that visitors should visit once . According to our experience, we recommend that you should not buy many souvenirs in these tourist destinations, as their prices are very expensive.

Sapa 3

The stay in Sapa is also one of the most recommended guests to prepare before starting a Sapa weekend trip. There are many beautiful hotels that you can choose, but the most cost effective is to choose a homestay. This is a form of outdoor accommodation that is attracting many visitors, as you can learn more about the customs and culture of local people here, tasting good food from them and chat with their families with delicious cups of apple wine.

Sapa with charming scenery, friendly people is the place that visitors should try to visit once. With the tips to travel Sapa savingly by month, you can make sure completely that your trip will be extremely attractive and wonderful. Try to follow and enjoy the wonderful feeling in Sapa.

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