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Things to Buy When Travelling to Hanoi

At the end of each trip to every region, everyone takes the time to choose specialties and gifts to give their relatives, friends. But choosing an attractive gift is not easy. If you are wondering this question, the article ” Things to buy when travelling to Hanoi” below will help you choose the most suitable gift.

Handicraft products

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If you are interested in products that require meticulous dexterity, visitors can visit the shop selling lacquer ware, traditional products designed artfully along Ly Quoc Su Street, Hang Gai, Hang Bong,… These products are sold to Westerners and those who are difficult, aesthetically rigorous so the price is higher than the normal products.

Ceramics – pottery

Bat Trang pottery is considered a “specialty” of Hanoi tourism and is popular with many visitors. Traveling to Hanoi, visitors not only buy souvenirs made from ceramics at very cheap prices, but also learn and make unique ceramic products. If you have more time, you can ask the shop owner to dry or bake to become a real pottery and deliver it to your hotel the next day.

Lotus tea

Lotus tea is the most luxurious gift, but also the most picky. If you are not a connoisseur of tea, it is very difficult to know what is a good quality lotus tea is produced industrially.

According to experience of choosing specialties when traveling Hanoi, West Lake lotus tea is the best specialty can not be ignored. The West Lake lotus tea is made in a very sophisticated way, it must be Thai Nguyen first class tea, then marinated with lotus several times until mild aroma pervading into each other dry tea. Especially, the lotus must be lotus grown in West Lake for the best scent.

The price of lotus tea is very high, up to several million VND per kilo but once poured, every diner is ready to hook purse to bring some essence of Hanoi summer.

O mai – Dried fruit

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Like lotus tea, Hanoi dried fruit may not need much introduction because of its reputation has far-reaching reputation. Hanoi dried fruit is considered a specialty of Hanoi tourism because anyone who set foot in this economic land selected the dried fruit as a gift to relatives and friends. Fruit is dried, storage conditions are not special so customers do not need to worry much. There are many kinds of dried fruit for visitors to choose from such as plum, apricot, lemon,… The most prominent and also considered the most typical type of Hanoi is the sugared dried dracontomelon . The dracontomelon is sweet and sour, plus some light spicy taste of ginger, surely will conquer everybody, even the most demanding people. It is a small specialty, so it is easy and convenient to put on luggage on the aircraft. You can buy the dried fruit in the Hong Lam system or the shops in Hang Duong (Gia Thinh), Hang Da (Van Loi) or Ly Quoc Su Street.

Silk, designer clothing

Hanoi silk is always a favorite gift of domestic and foreign tourists. With a cool, thin, soft and designed style with bold national identity, Van Phuc silk attracts many foreign visitors while traveling in Hanoi. Here, the products made of silk are sold a lot and cost much cheaper than the shop in Hang Gai.

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If you want to buy unique designs, exquisite and unobtrusive, visitors can find the artisans in the village to choose. These unique designs are produced in small numbers, comfortable widths and colorful designs, plus the skillful craftsmanship in tailoring, material selection so the price is quite high.

The streets of Hang Trong, Nha Tho and Nha Chung are home to a number of trendy, modern and boldly designed fashion boutiques.

Silver jewelry

Today, products made from silver are the “hot trend” of travelers while traveling in Hanoi. These jewelry with modern style, personality is made of silver material or Thai silver is being loved by young people especially customers in the South and West. Guests wishing to choose products made from silver as gifts can go to stores in Hang Bac Street or famous Duong Son Ha in 50 Quan Su (near Trang Thi street).

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