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The Best Resorts in Hanoi

Besides the hotels, guest houses, homestay in the central area, in the suburbs of Hanoi there are many high-end resorts with unique architecture, airy fresh space. Which resorts in Hanoi should berecommended?

Asean Resort

Asean Resort is considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Hanoi. Asean Resort is located at 21A Hoa Lac street, Thach That district, suburb of Hanoi capital. From the center of Hanoi to the west along the Lang Hoa Lacoci Highway about 35km will be to Asean Resort. If you make a tour of Hanoi and want to stay at the resort, Asean Resort will be a good suggestion for reference.

Hanoi 1

Located in the vicinity of Hanoi, Asean Resort is designed and built with the purpose of being a high-class eco-resort to meet the needs of entertaining, entertainment … Asean Resort has the area of nearly 20ha with all the luxury amenities such as rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, amusement parks, spa area …

At Asean Resort, there are many green spaces with fresh quiet air, promising to bring guests the most relaxing moments.

Thao Vien resort

If you want to find a resort style village Vietnam, you can choose Thao Vien resort. Thao Vien is located in Trung Son Tram area, Son Tay district, about 40km west of the center of Hanoi. With an area of nearly 14 hectares, Thao Vien Resort is a bold resort bearing the village of the North.

Each room is built in the style of bungalow with red brick materials, tile roof. Despite the traditional design of traditional style, but inside rooms are fully equipped with luxurious amenities such as air conditioning, cable TV, mini fridge … In particular, most of the rooms This is towards the lake so it can welcome the wind with the fresh air.

Hoang Long resort

Hanoi 2

Like Thao Vien resort, Hoang Long resort is also a resort style village. However, Hoang Long resort is more diversified, not only focus on a style of northern villages. Hoang Long resort is a great answer for the question “which resort is good in Hanoi ?”.

An area in the Hoang Long resort

Hoang Long resort is located on Tay Phuong pagoda road, Thach Xa commune, Thach That district, Hanoi. At Hoang Long resort, the rooms are built in a bungalow style, divided into several areas. Each area in a unique style such as the ancient house of the North, the roof of the South, the Thai stilt house … In parallel, Hoang Long resort also expanded the model with two modern houses including luxury villas and the Mango Hotel. Depending on the preferences as well as the number of people that visitors can choose the appropriate room type.

Van Minh resort

Van Minh resort is a resort ecological resort combined with a lot of entertainment. Van Minh resort is located in Chuc Son town, Chuong My district, about 30km south west of the capital city of Hanoi. The location of Van Minh resort is quite close to the two famous pagodas in Hanoi are Tram Pagoda and Tram Gian Pagoda. If you choose to stay at Van Minh resort, you can visit these two temples.

\Van Minh resort is a resort style harmonious combination of traditional rural beauty and modern luxury. Come to resort at Van Minh resort, visitors can enjoy high-end spa services, enjoy local specialties, participate in folk games …

In addition to Van Minh resort or suburban resorts, when traveling to Hanoi, visitors can choose to stay at hotels in the central area of Hanoi.

Tan Da resort

Tan Da Resort is an eco-tourist resort located in Tan Linh district, Ba Vi district, about 60km northwest of Hanoi center. The special feature of Tan Da Resort is designed in the style of open space, close to nature, very suitable for relaxation and relaxation activities.

Hanoi 3

Design overview of Tan Da resort mainly in the way of the ancient village of North Vietnam. Tan Da Resort has many types of rooms according to each building. Each building is built in a unique architectural style, such as the rich man, the landlord, the master, the middle farmer … In each house there are horizontal houses, main hall, auxiliary. The interior of the rooms is entirely made of wood, rattan and bamboo.

Besides the resorts in the capital Hanoi, as suggested above, visitors can refer to some beautiful resorts located near Hanoi such as Song Hong resort (Vinh Phuc), Flamingo Dai Lai resort (Vinh Phuc), FLC Vinh Thinh resort (Vinh Phuc), Tre Resort (Phu Tho) …

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