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Hunting Cloud on the Heaven Gate of Muong Long

Favourably compared with Sapa, Muong Long (Nghe An province) is an attractive destination for “backpackers” who desire to admire the beauty of clouds and explore the traditional cultures of the highlands.

the Heaven Gate of Muong Long 1

From the town of Muong Xen, going back along the route of the West of Nghe An about 60 km, you will reach the so-called “Sapa of Nghe An” in Muong Hung commune, Ky Son. Muong Long, the “heaven’s gate”, offers an exhilarating view of floating clouds in the mountains and wild flowers along the roads amid the coldness of nature which can touch my heart thanks to breathtaking beauty.

This Heaven’s gate of Nghe An hasn’t already been familiar tourists. However, you might have “crush” on the friendliness of the local and extraordinary beauties at the first time. Being naturally favored appalling scenes, Muong Long is promised to be an ideal destination for visiting, camping, or even trekking.

the Heaven Gate of Muong Long 2

The image of the mother holding her child on her back with colorful brocade cloth and the baby’s chubby cheek, childish beauty as wild flowers, leaves a strong impression on me.

In Muong Long, the weather is cool all year round, so the temperature is always lower than 25 degrees Celsius. Specifically, the weather is cold at night-time while warm at day-time. Waking up early in a charming Muong Long and enjoying the beauty of nature, you will definitely get peace in your mind.

the Heaven Gate of Muong Long 3

Visiting Ky Son border area, Nghe An, you can explore the naturally picturesque scenes and cultural values of ethnic minority groups. Besides, there are other two attractive destinations in Ky Son, namely Nam Can international border gate and Pu Xai Lai Leng mountain which is seen as the “roof” of the majestic Truong Son mountain range.
If you get there, don’t forget to visit Viet – Lao traditional markets which tighten long-term friendship between two countries on 14th and 29th of the month.

the Heaven Gate of Muong Long 4
Most of the people living in Muong Long belong to Mong group. Traveling at the beginning of the year, you will be certainly immersed in joyful festivals with the beautiful sound of traditional ethnic instruments. Furthermore, you definitely have a chance to enjoy numerous specialities such as black chicken, roasted black pig and corn wine with the hospitality of the local.

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