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Discover Mount Phu Luong in Winter, Enjoy the Cloud Ocean

When conquering Phu Luong Peak, you can stand on the sea of white floating clouds with blue sky and majestic mountains.

Mount Phu Luong 1
Phu Luong peak, also known as Pu Luong (also known by tourists as Ta Chi Nhu, or Phu Song Sung) belongs to Phu Luong Mountain in Hoang Lien Son Range. To get to Xa Ho – Tram Tau (Yen Bai), you have to go through rocky roads like to challenge and discourage any driver.
The road to Xa Ho – Tram Tau has many difficult sections, but in return, the scenery along the road is very beautiful, dreaming and still unspoiled with thousands of wild flowers blooming, the village on the side of the mountain. With the controversial information about the height of 2,985 m, this is the 7th highest mountain in Vietnam in Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district (Yen Bai).

Mount Phu Luong 2
Arriving in Mo Chi – Xa Ho at 11h30, our group began journey to conquer Phu Luong. The path leads up to the summit with long, steep slopes huddled and zigzag close to the side of the mountain, many of which are almost upright, makes many climbers feel shivering.

Mount Phu Luong 3
Right from the foot of the mountain, fog was extremely dense. Step by step, one by one, we walked through the white dimming mist.
The higher we climbed, the stronger the wind. Many members of the group had to sit down to avoid the wind like a whip in the face, hissing like it is going to throw everything down.

Mount Phu Luong 4
The tired and the steep breath were on each step of us. We did not know where is the stop when the two sides were dense forest. The green of the leaves, the yellow of the trunk, and the mists, the clouds helped us move on the journey of conquest.

Mount Phu Luong 5
Enjoy the beauty of climbing to the top of the mountain, stopping to watch the landscape between mountains, forests and white clouds. If not, this would really be a torture.
At the foot of the mountain was mist, but in the high, when it was still daytime, occasionally we could see the rays of light printed on the white clouds. We climbed to a height of over 2,400 m, near the small stream to camp overnight. Soon, the darkness came down very quickly.

Mount Phu Luong 6
At the camp, we had a good dinner by the flickering fire in the dark, dispelling the cold of the mountains.
The next morning, we got up early, moved the camp, completed the journey to catch the dawn.
Never before have had we felt so close to the clouds and sky, as if we could reach the clouds with our hands. The clouds were not on the head, but in front of the eye, as soft as a silk, like cotton, white like cream.

Best time to conquer the Phu Luong peak is on sunny days in winter. The sunlight is not too harsh and wind is not too strong, which is the best condition to help you climb without tiring, while sky is blue enough for the clouds to show the pure white.

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