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Cua Dai Beach – One of The Best Beaches in Vietnam

As long as the long sand strips of Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An was deposited after 3 years of erosion, tourists’ visit to this charming beach has made “one of the best ever beaches in the South”bustling again.

Cua Dai Beach 1

Since the Lunar New Year, the beach has gradually been restored (after three years of severe erosion). Currently, the beach is safe and large enough to place sunbathing lounge chairs so that tourists can indulge themselves into the natural sunlight. Most visitors to Hoi An this season are foreigners. This can be seen as a good signal for Hoi An Tourism, in general, and Cua Dai tourism in particular because visitors could do nothing except for seeing big waves eroding the “ever” beautiful beach stretching the length 200 meters over the past three years.

Cua Dai used to be the most beautiful beach in the South from the Champa Kingdom. In 2015, Cua Dai – Hoi An was ranked 18th out of top beaches in Asia, according to TripAdvisor. The beach was restored, so tourists definitely immerse themselves in pristine blue water. Over the past few years, about 70 billion VND has been poured into building the temporary dyke, creating an artificial beach, etc, by the government save the beach. Nguyen Su, the former Secretary of Hoi An Committee, said Cua Dai was certainly a marine tourism resource to attract visitors to the old town.

Cua Dai Beach 2

Two female foreigners take sunbath right on the sandbags, which were used to prevented and protected wave erosion. Many of them are covered with green moss.

Cua Dai Beach 3

Additionally, some tourists saunter along the beach and take some drinks on the beach where are still surrounded sandbags.

The image of tourists lying leisurely on the beach while engrossed in a book is currently familiar to the locals. The owner of a coastal restaurant said visitors’return to the beach has made the business bustling after 3 years of “unsuccessful” business.

Cua Dai Beach 4

Many visitors still do not know the restoration of Cua Dai beach. They drop by the beach accidentally and are astonished by its “new” look.

Most of the tourists stop when seeing the military aircraft of the Vietnamese Air Force practicing on the sea. Recently, the local authorities have carried out a project that dredged sand from Cua Dai to add into the eroded beach. Ships of various firms were hired to carry out the projects. However, taking advantages of the busy activities, those ships have been accused of stealing the sand to be sold to other projects in Da Nang City. Therefore, Hoi An People’s Committee is currently delaying this dredging project.

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