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The Clould Ocean on The Mau Son Peak

After the rain, the sun shining or the early morning are the best time to watch the clouds over Mau Son peak in Lang Son.

Mau Son Peak 1

In the North East of Lang Son province, 30km from Lang Son city, Mau Son Mountain is at altitude of over 1,000m above sea level. Weather on Mau Son peak changes so fast – you can see all 4 seasons in just one day. To see the sea of clouds here, you need some luck. After rain and sunshine is considered a favorable time for tourists “hunting clouds”.

Mau Son Peak 2

Mau Son Peak 3

Photographers often stay overnight and get up early at 3 am to capture the wonderful moments of the sea of clouds rolling into the early dawn. When sun rises, clouds cross the mountain and create fanciful space in the high mountains. The time when the sun rises from the distance on the rolling mountain and white clouds everywhere will make many people have to surprising.

Mau Son Peak 4

Mau Son Peak 5

The beauty on the top of the mountain is well known thanks to the remnants of ancient French houses scattered all the way, the moss wall ruins covered a white corner of pure white. You can walk on the winding road to enjoy the close and peaceful space. From the top of the mountain, the wide view is easy to see the full winding road. The hut hugging clouds in early morning mist makes Mau Son scenery become so lively.Mau Son Peak 6

Mau Son Peak 7

From the top of the mountain, the wide view is easy to see the full winding road. Mountains incubated in the early morning mist make the scenery in Mau Son become lively. Topography of the Mountain Mau Son is diverse, with the flat ground and easy to find buffalo herdsmen. For a safe journey, you should be prepared with essential utensils and warm clothing if staying overnight.

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