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Chua Island – The Beautiful Primitive Island in Phu Yen

Only about 7km from the mainland, Chua Island is located in the group of Dua Island and Than Island off the coast of Long Thuy sea, An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa city. Coming here, you can feel the extremely beautiful blue sea, white sand and sunshine.

chua island

When you arrive at Chua Island, you will find that the scenery here is quite wild. On the island, there are mainly bushes and a variety of grass, the air is very fresh. The beach in Chua Island is especially long with clear blue water and white sand, you can indulge yourself in the cool water and play with the sand as you like.

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With the special composition of small, stacked stones, as well as vertical cliffs due to the erosion of waves and thick vegetation, the remote view of Hon Pagoda is like a green cool vegetation stretching on the sea.

On the top of Chua island there is a rocky ground that might be an old foundation of an ancient temple. There are many legends around this temple. Legend has it that this temple was built by a lady of the Nguyen Anh lord who was not healthy enough to flee with her husband and escaped to hide in the temple.

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In every sixth month of lunar calendar, people will organize a fishery festival with rituals to pray peace for fishermen. They pray for good weather, calm wind and sea, so that the fishermen can catch more fish and shrimp and have more prosperity.

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Around Chua island are rich coral reefs of diverse species with 100 hectares. These coral reefs are colorful and are also a refuge of many types of shrimp, fish, squid, crabs … Just a diving glass and a life jacket, you can see the “castle” made by coral at the bottom of the ocean.

In addition, you can dive to catch fish and sea urchins – to contribute to the island party. Chua Island is very suitable for those who love picnic and exploring.

chua island 5

If you want to go to the temple, go to Long Thuy beach, run a few more kilometres to An Chan fishing village and then hire fishing boats to the island. You can go camping overnight if you bring enough food and drink; Seafood can be bought from the fisherman or you can catch it yourself.

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