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Travel to District 9, Visit the Beautiful Buu Long Pagoda in Saigon

Travelers will be surprised when stepping through the gate to enter the Buu Long Pagoda, since it owns a beauty different to any other temples in Vietnam.

Situated on a hill at the west bank of Dong Nai River, Buu Long is located at No. 81 Nguyen Emperor Xuan, Long Binh Ward, District 9, about 20km from Hoc Chi Minh City center.

Buu Long Pagoda

Many people in the area called it Thai Temple, because at first glance the temple gives them the feeling like being in the country of golden temples.

Buu Long Pagoda 2

The path on the shades of green trees

Buu Long Pagoda 3

The front turquoise lake increases the charm of the temple.

Buu Long Pagoda 4

The atmosphere in Buu Long is very silent with the only sounds of wind chimes on the top of the stupa as well as of the water flowing into the lake.

Buu Long Pagoda 5

Standing on the 4th floor of the stupa, travelers can see the mesmerizing landscape of surrounding areas.

Buu Long Pagoda 6

Not only highlighted by gold stupas, Buu Long Pagoda also impresses travelers by very delicate carving structures.

Buu Long Pagoda 7

The teahouse of the temple also serves vegetarian dishes and fabulous beverage at reasonable rates that visitors should not miss when travel to Buu Long.

Buu Long Pagoda 8

The temple is also an ideal place for photographing.

Buu Long Pagoda 9

With its unique architecture, the temple has become a destination not to be missed by travelers coming to Saigon.

Buu Long Pagoda 10

How to get to Buu Long Pagoda

Option 1: From the intersection of Thu Duc

– Turn right into Le Van Viet Street.
– Go about 4.5 km to the end of Le Van Viet to meet the T-junction of My Thanh (in front of My Thanh Gas Station).
– Turn right onto Nguyen Van Tang. Go about 2km then turn right to meet the second road named Nguyen Xien. On the way travelers can see Nguyen Van Tang High School, continue riding about 1km to reach Buu Long.

Option 2: From Thu Thiem Tunnel

– Run straight on Mai Chi Tho Avenue.
– Turn right onto Nguyen Thi Dinh, drive about 700m then turn left onto Nguyen Duy Trinh Street
– At the end of Nguyen Duy Trinh, travelers will meet Nguyen Xien Street. But in District 9 has two roads named Nguyen Xien, thus travelers should you continue driving straight to the end of this street and then turn right, go for about 3km to Bu Long.

Option 3: From Suoi Tien

From Thu Duc Intersection, travelers follow Hanoi Highway to meet Suoi Tien, continue driving approximately 2.5km till the Hiep Phu 2 Gas Station on the right of the Hanoi Highway. Then turn onto the new junction, go to the end of the road to Nguyen Xien Street, right turn over the Dong Tron Bridge about 700m, travelers will see the famous Buu Long Pagoda.

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