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Tips for Traveling to Ba Na Hills

Giving yourself some excursions in Vietnam after nerve-wracking time spending for job will be a wonderful gift, which has been better than ever. Specifically, being harmonized with Ba Na Hills’ romantic world, you will definitely find out comfortable senses of relaxation in order to refill your energy.
The followings are several beneficial tips for you to gain the most perfect and memorable experiences when travelling to Ba Na Hills.

1. Best Time to Visit
If you fancy bustling atmosphere at Ba Na Hills, the period of time from April until September is the most ideal occasion coinciding with the summer time for travelers to stay long. On the contrary, if you seek for a quiet space to avoid the noise of urban life, you can visit here on weekdays or winter which lasts from October to February.

2. How to Get There
Depending on the amount of people, you can flexible select an appropriate kind of transportation for your trip.
Unsurprisingly, motorcycle still keeps its position as the cheapest option which is capable of saving much money while you can enjoy the mountains’ mighty beauty along the road leading to Ba Na Hills.
Here is the website that can help your route mainly using motorbike become smoother:
Currently, inner-city bus routes has been put into operation and become more familiar with visitors who want to travel from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. Ticket’s price is also relatively reasonable, about 120000 to 150000 VND for each person in one turn.
In addition, officially opened to the public in March of 2009, Ba Na Cable Car enthusiastically serves not only transport passengers up and down Ba Na Hills but also the most state-of-the-art vehicle of all. Being confirmed by the World Association of cable as the longest single-wire cable car system (5,771.61 metres), round-trip fares for adults is 650000 VND / ticket while offering 100000 VND discount for children from 1 m to 1.3 m in height.

3. What to See
Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden
This European-style flower garden which makes a strong impression on fantastic, ancient and picturesque scenery is designed sophisticatedly and divided into seven small gardens. Interestingly, each of tiny garden carries a different theme and layout with the aim of gathering so many beautiful Europe’s flowers that promises to bring a colourful space for couples who are in Vietnam honeymoon holidays to take the most romantic photos of their love.

Debay Wine Cellar
Situated just beyond the Shakyamuni Statue, Debay Wine Cellar which was built in 1923 still remains the state of intactness. It now offers a large stocked bar serving cocktails, light snacks and various grapes as well as wine vintages. It’s really an exciting idea to discover the cellar surrounded by the scent of European wine with oak-wood wine tanks under warm atmosphere of light.

Fantasy Park
After coming to Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park, you will definitely get lost in an entertainment paradise with all kinds of game satisfying all ages from amusing games for children to stirring ones for adults. Additionally, this international-standard park also offers Western and Eastern delicacies along with souvenir shops providing a variety of mementos to select.

Wax Museum
Perhaps, the duplicates of politicians, celebrities from all over the world are quickly to be found in Wax Museum like soccer stars like Lionel Messi and David Beckham or movie star Jet Li and so on. As a rule, the entrance fee is 100,000 VND for adults and children over 1.3 m

Mo Stream
Located on the base of the Ba Na Mountain, pristine Mo Stream always lures everyone by its truthfully natural landscape. The most impressive feature is the harmonic combination between stunning stream and superb cliffs in nature which evokes your greatest pleasure of swimming in the cool water when coming there

Hopefully, with above useful travelling tips, you will experience a meaningful journey to Ba Na Hills with your beloved relatives and friends.

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