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8 Not to Be Missed Con Dao destinations

  1. Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park owns a diverse and rich biological system with the variety of rare forest products making up a forest full of life. Witnessing the lives of the animals here will be an interesting experience for visitors.

Con Dao National Park
Con Dao National Park
  1. Bay Canh island

This is one of the largest islands of the archipelago of Con Dao. With the system of primary tropical forest surrounded by islands and the variety of animals – plants, Bay Canh island brings visitors exciting experiences when snorkeling, exploring the mangrove forest ecology. Especially, if you are lucky, you will see turtles laying eggs on the island.

Bay Canh island
Bay Canh island
  1. Hon Tai (Tai island)

Tai island attracts tourists with romantic natural scenery along the colorful coral reefs. Guests will be very eager to see the rare animal species on the island and participate in exciting activities such as diving, climbing, swimming. In addition, Tai island is also one of the places where have the fascinating tourist service in Con Dao.

  1. Con Dao Prison

Visiting Con Dao, travelers do not forget to visit Con Dao prison – the place keeping evidence of a tearful grief of the nation. Many people coming here can not avoid being shuddered by the stifling, cramped, hot prison rooms and other forms of servitude, the types of brutal, cruel torture.

A system of prisons whose names are Chuong Bo (Cow Shed), Chung Cop (Tigger Shed), Phu Hai Jail, Ma Thien Lanh bridge, Lo Voi basis… also helps us imagine a place where was once known as “the hell on the Earth”.

  1. Hon Cau (Cau island)

Cau island, the only island to have groundwater in Con Dao, still keeps its pristine, serene beauty and is the repository of noble traditions of the nation. Coming to Cau island, visitors will witness the French and American prisons used to imprison patriots. Besides, marine ecosystems, forests with numerous species of rare animals are waiting to be explored.

  1. Dam Tre Bay

Coming to Dam Tre Bay, you will be involved in many exciting activities such as watching swifts building their nest, exploring the mangroves, snorkeling … and enjoy a peaceful, happy setting here. Also, in the process of moving, the roadside scenery such as Con Son Bay, Lo Voi cape, Dat Doc beach, Chim Chim cape… will make visitors impressed.

  1. Dam Trau Beach

Guests can also soak up Dam Trau Beach when traveling to Con Dao. Smooth, golden sand embracing the blue sea along with the rocks of fancy shapes create unique beautiful scenery. On a rocky slope running to the sea, there are two huge boulders leaning head on each other making the scene become enchanted.

  1. Hoang Duong Cemetery

Hoang Duong cemetery is the resting place of thousands of martyrs and patriots. This is also a spiritual attraction that tourists usually come to express devotion, gratitude to the heroes who contributed to the nation. Especially, heroine Vo Thi Sau memorial house in the heart of the cemetery with the artifacts demonstrating her ideas is the area attracting a large number of visitors.

Coming to Con Dao, visitors will experience many exciting and wonderful things. Therefore, if you have opportunities, please visit this land once and find for yourselves not to be missed destinations in the journey exploiting Con Dao.

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