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5 Must – Eat Food In Vung Tau

The various kinds of cake in Vietnam like banh khot, banh hoi, banh xeo are delicious specialties that you can not miss when visiting the coastal city of Vung Tau.

1. Eastern banh khot

Vung Tau is the home of banh khot so there are many restaurants selling it for years and attracting tourists to Vung Tau. Among them, the Eastern banh khot is a famous one, scored in the heart of customers with cheap prices and delicious taste.

Eat Food In Vung Tau 1

The small round cake is neatly in the hands, with fresh shrimp, raw vegetables and pickled paprika – always attractive to diners. The restaurant is on Nguyen Truong To Street, average only from 30.000 – 50.000 VND (1.4 – 2.2 USD) per person.

2. Banh uot (wet cake)

Although newly emerging, the banh uot with barbecue has made a “fever” with customers in Vung Tau. You can eat it until full stomach without any worries about the price, a piece of banh uot is only 1.000 VND / plate, 20,000 VND (1 USD)/ grilled pork plate, pickled vegetable is 2.000 VND (0.1 USD)/ plate and 2.000 VND (0.1 USD)/ mango plate.

Eat Food In Vung Tau 2

Delicious grilled meat combined with the sour taste of mango and pickled greens is rolled in the banh uot with onion and sauce, making a delicious and strange taste. The special thing that everyone likes when check-in with this dish is calculating the height of the plate. You only need about 50,000 VND to have a full meal. The restaurant is located on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street.

3. Salted egg cake

Salted egg cake is sold in many places in Vung Tau. However, a famous address of many people in Vung Tau is the bakery at “electric pole” on Nguyen Truong To street. The salty taste, the smell of salted eggs is mixed well with the aroma of the cake, making everyone falling in love with it right at the first time.

Eat Food In Vung Tau 3

A box of salted egg cake costs only 35.000 VND (1.5 USD). There are many bakers so you do not have to wait so long.

4. An Nhut’s banh hoi

If you have a chance to visit Long Dien, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, you should stop and enjoy the famous An Nhut’s banh hoi. An Nhut restaurant is nearly 60 years old. A piece of rice-scented rice cake is what makes this restaurant famous.

Eat Food In Vung Tau 4

Cakes here are often served with grilled pork, spring rolls, topped with crushed peanuts, and of course the sweet and sour sauce mixed with pickled lotus, carrots and radish. Eating banh hoi, you will feel the sweetness of the cake, the taste of raw vegetables and fatty taste of meat. An Nhut restaurant is located in Highway 55, An Nhut, Long Dien. The price of a banh hoi is 45.000 – 55.000 VND (2.1 – 2.6 USD).

5. Tuyet Mai’s banh beo

Tuyet Mai is the oldest restaurant in Vung Tau. The cool garden space brings a sense of well-being to any diner who comes to this establishment. Tuyet Mai offers delicious banh beo, which is easy to eat, cool and aromatic combination with the standard sauce, making diner eat a lot without bored.

Eat Food In Vung Tau 5

Eat Food In Vung Tau 6

The shop sells a variety of cakes, barbecue, shrimp paste, but the most famous dish here is the banh beo with shrimp. The average price here is about 25.000 – 30.000 VND (1.1 – 1.5 USD) /serving. It is located on Phan Chu Trinh street, selling from late morning to late night.

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