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3 Places to Eat on Quan Thanh Street

1. Loving Hut Quan Thanh

Although there are no unique or impressive decor but Loving Hut Quan Thanh has long been a popular vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi by reasonable price and clean space. The vegetarian food’s price here is cheap, from 25.000 – 40.000 VND (1 – 1.6 USD) per serving, suitable to the needs of vegetarian at any time without having to hesitate.

Every vegetarian meal here is quite plump. The rice is neatly laid out in a large dish with rice, 3 to 4 dishes, a vegetable dish, 2 fried dishes, a bowl of soup and a bowl of sweet soup. Although customer can not select the dishes, the menu changes daily so it is not boring. In addition, there are diverse vegetarian noodles, vegetarian pho such as chicken noodle, vermicelli,… priced from 25,000 to 35,000 VND (1 – 1.5 USD) a full bowl.

places to eat on quan thanh street

In addition to set menu of rice and noodle, there’re also à la carte dishes with reasonable prices. Particularly on the full moon day every lunar month, the restaurant also serves vegetarian buffet t the price of 100,000 VND (4 USD) per person. Another noteworthy point is the restaurant also sells some vegetarian food to cook at home.

2. Fish noodles

Near the end of Quan Thanh Street, there are two restaurants selling fish noodles lying next to each other, named Van noodle soup and Huyen noodle soup. These two restaurants have even a common yard, only have different table colour (blue, red). And in general, both noodle restaurants are at good quality.

places to eat on quan thanh street 2

The common point of these two noodle restaurants are the bowl is quite full, broth is delicious, the fish piece is big and crispy. Of course, it cannot lack of vegetables according to the season.

In addition to fried fish, here they sell fish eggs, which is very attractive. Of course customers have to order at a higher price than normal bowl. However, even ordering more eggs, the price here is only 40,000 VND (1.6 USD) / bowl, very reasonable for breakfast, lunch.

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3. Duck restaurant without name

At the end of Quan Thanh Street, near the Ba Dinh Cultural House there is a duck restaurant. Although no name, no board sign, visitors come to the restaurant every day. It sells food all day, but the afternoon is the most crowded time.

The restaurant only specializes in boiled dishes, not multi-style like grilled, roasted salt, hot pot dishes… as many places. Duck meat here is delicious with good processing skill and average size. The owner always put the duck meat into hot broth before bringing to the customers, that’s why it is always hot and delicious.

places to eat on quan thanh street 3

Young bamboo soup is also a famous dish of the restaurant The young bamboo shoots is thick, crunchy, served with some boiled pig blood, quickly dissolved in the mouth, which is very suitable for eating in the cold weather.

Duck meat porridge is also the famous dish of the restaurant that almost the guests order. Whole grain rice, cooked with a little bit green bean, so the bowl of porridge smells very good. The taste of the porridge is surely from pure duck broth without any chemical seasoning, so that guests can eat a lot without bored.

The price here is quite average, a half of a duck is about 100,000 VND (4 USD). Two people can order half of a duck, two bowls of porridge, total is about 130,000 (11 USD), not expensive for a lunch or dinner. The restaurant opens all day.

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