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The Best Street Food in Bangkok

If you are a “foodaholic”, or even a gourmet, you should definitely give tasteful street food in Bangkok a try during your journey of cuisine exploration in this dynamic city. They promise to stir up your appetite with the mouthful.

Jaeng Lon (Grilled fish balls on skewers)

Street Food in Bangkok 1

Jae Lon does not follow the normal recipes of processing grilled fish balls. The fish balls are made from pounded fish, cooked in curry recipe with various kinds of spices, Kaffir lime leaves, for instance. Then the mixture is squeezed into little balls, skewered, and grilled. They are so tasteful and fragrant that they could stir up your taste bubs.

Kanom Jak ( Thai Coconut cake recipe)

Street Food in Bangkok 2

Kanom Jak is made from sticky rice flour, coconut, and palm sugar, then wrapped in palm leaves, and baked.

Khao Lam ( Bamboo Tubes of Sweet Sticky Rices)

Street Food in Bangkok 3

In addition to Kanom Jak, Khao Lam is one of the most famous street snacks in Thailand. Noticeably, the cake is also made in a small size so that travelers are easy to bring it with them on the street. Interestingly, Khao Lam is also made of various kinds of ingredient such as black beans, ginkgo, etc.

Hoy Jor (Crunchy Crab Sausage)

Street Food in Bangkok 4

The Chinese crunchy crab sausage recipe is offered in almost all markets in Thailand, but for the reason of the highly recommended one, I would suggest that sold in Chonburi. Crab’ meat is wrapped in tofu and fried. Even, they also add ground pork in the filling. Thus, tourists promise to unintentionally swallow saliva when seeing this tasteful and fragrant dish.

Poojaah (Crab Cakes)

Street Food in Bangkok 5

To process this tasteful dish, crab meat is mixed with eggs, herbs, spices, and pork. Then the mixture is stuffed in crab shells, steamed, and fried.

Hor Mok (leveled seafood cake)

Street Food in Bangkok 6

Fish and clams are marinated and steamed in banana leaves, then covered with coconut cream.

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