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TOP 5 Awesome Cafes in Hanoi

Exceptional and charming flavour of coffee has been preserved for generations and now helps some names of Lam, Nang, Giang, Nhan, Nhi become essential cafes in Hanoi. Giang Cafe There are many doubts whether this cafe is the birthplace of egg coffee, which fascinates many hearts of Hanoians. Opened in 1946 by …

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The Most Scenic Destinations in Lai Chau, Vietnam

lai chau 5

For those traveling to Lai Chau for the first time, they can be surprised by the administrative center of the city. The project is located on the high hills of 5 hectare wide. If you have chance to enjoy a Vietnam travel, don’t miss these destinations! Lai Chau – Parafide …

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Thailand travel tips: 10 taboos tourists should avoid

Stepping on Thai currency is illegal

Thailand is a Buddhist country, so rules and rituals are respected. To have a great trip to this beautiful country, read Thailand travel tips below to know 10 taboos tourists should avoid.  Step on money Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, headed by the Royal. Thai residents have a reverence for …

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Night in Hanoi & Hue through the Lens of a French Photographer

With a digital camera, Sebastien Laval – a famous French photographer recorded rustic images of the two tourist centers of Vietnam, especially night in Hanoi and Hue. Night in Hanoi & Hue Sebastien Laval is a photographer coming from the city of Poitiers in the western of France. He has …

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6 enjoyable experiences for backpackers in Vang Vieng,Laos

Adventure games are reasons why Vang Vieng attracts tourists

About 150 km north of Vientiane, Vang Vieng is a tourist-oriented town of the country of a million elephants. Dubbed “Backpacker Republic”, “tourism paradise for youngsters”, Vang Vieng is really a lovely destination in Laos. If you have intention of exploring this town, keep reading to know things to do …

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Top things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The sense of mysteriousness covers Ta Prohm temple

While Phnom Penh attracts tourists by Nagaworld casino, the former capital Siem Reap brings mysteriousness and antiquity of one of the most glorious civilizations to visitors. It is said to the place having the imprint of Khmer dynasty in the past as well as the image of Cambodia both at …

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Top 6 tourist attractions in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a city located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, 165km southeast of Bangkok. In the past, it is used to be a small fishing village. But when its beauty is discovered, Pattaya has become a famous destination in Thailand. Let me tell you about top …

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Top 8 Must-Go Beaches in Danang, Vietnam

beaches in Danang

The coastline of Da Nang lasts nearly 60km from Hai Van Pass to Non Nuoc, consisting of many charming and neglected beaches that once came here, tourists will have the feeling like being at the heaven. The followings are some most beautiful beaches in Danang visitors should not miss when …

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The serene beauty of the former capital Luang Prabang, Laos

Wat Xieng Thong - the most important Buddhism temple in Luang Prabang

Laos is not a country thriving on tourism, but its peaceful beauty still attracts a large number of international tourists. Among many landscapes, the former capital Luang Prabang is a favorite destination for visitors when they arrive in the country of a million elephants. Something about Luang Prabang Luang Prabang …

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