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Discover Traditional Martial Arts in Myanmar

Traditional Martial Arts in Myanmar 1

Myanmar shares its border with 3 countries, namely, China, India and Thailand. Therefore, this long-term history country owns a rich martial arts heritage. It is amazing to see local people performing their traditional martial arts during your journey to this beautiful country. 2,000 years ago, the Indian monks introduced numerous …

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The Magical Legend about The Spiritual Popa Mountain in Myanmar

The Spiritual Popa Mountain 1

Mount Popa is the center of belief and is the pride of Myanmar. The temple at the top of the mountain is home to many large Buddha statues, and it also attracts many devotees from all over Myanmar. When standing on top of Popa, watching the scenery around, the worries …

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Hunting Cloud on the Heaven Gate of Muong Long

the Heaven Gate of Muong Long 1

Favourably compared with Sapa, Muong Long (Nghe An province) is an attractive destination for “backpackers” who desire to admire the beauty of clouds and explore the traditional cultures of the highlands. From the town of Muong Xen, going back along the route of the West of Nghe An about 60 …

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Discover Mount Phu Luong in Winter, Enjoy the Cloud Ocean

Mount Phu Luong 5

When conquering Phu Luong Peak, you can stand on the sea of white floating clouds with blue sky and majestic mountains. Phu Luong peak, also known as Pu Luong (also known by tourists as Ta Chi Nhu, or Phu Song Sung) belongs to Phu Luong Mountain in Hoang Lien Son …

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Travel to Ninh Thuan, Visit Chapo Waterfall

Travel to Ninh Thuan

There is a famous majestic waterfall in Ninh Thuan. The waterfall’s sound is like the voice of the girl of mountain, it is Chapo waterfall. The waterfall is located about 60 km to the northwest of Phan Rang city, about 500 m above sea level, in Phuoc Tan commune, Bac …

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Top 10 Romantic and Interesting Things to Do with Your Darling in a Trip

Romantic and Interesting Things to Do with Your Darling in a Trip 2

Whether it is silly gestures or silent moments, with all the sincerity, you can add more magical and romance to the trip with your beloved . Hand in hand on the road: among thousands eyes, only sincere hearts can unconsciously walk hand in hand together, passing all the roads. Waiting …

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Private Paradise in Angsana Lang Co Hue Resort

Angsana Lang Co Hue Resort

Private Paradise in Angsana Lang Co Hue Resort Located in Cu Du village, Loc Vinh, Angsana Lang Co Hue is one of the few 5-star resorts in Lang Co beach with good quality and reasonable price. Angsana possesses a great location: it stands against the mountain and faces the sea. …

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The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh

Owning many mineral water mines, Quang Ninh – an attractive beach destination is also known for its many hot mineral baths. Hot mineral bathing not only brings relaxation, comfort but is also a favorite therapy of many people. #1.Quang Hanh hot spring This is one of the 7 famous hot …

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3 Places to Eat on Quan Thanh Street

places to eat on quan thanh street

1. Loving Hut Quan Thanh Although there are no unique or impressive decor but Loving Hut Quan Thanh has long been a popular vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi by reasonable price and clean space. The vegetarian food’s price here is cheap, from 25.000 – 40.000 VND (1 – 1.6 USD) per …

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