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Top 5 Best Romantic Destinations in Myanmar

Although Myanmar’s tourism is not as developed as that in other East Asian countries, it still offers numerous attractive destinations where tourists could fully explore its characteristic culture such as small “rustic” villages at the foot of the mountain, solemn ancient temples, majestic mountains, etc.

1. Yangon

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Yangon has been familiar to tourists with the “classical” romantic beauty at sunset. Shwedagon temple, which is famous for glittering gold decoration, is definitely an ideal spot to enjoy that amazing moment. At the same time, you can see the followers sitting around the temple for singing and praying as the sun goes down behind the mountains. Additionally, visitors can stroll along the city center to observe some of the historic ancient colonial architectures.

2. Ngapali Beach

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Being known as an “unspoiled” destination, Ngapali beach is one of 5 most romantic tourist attractions in Myanmar. Featuring with the smooth white sand stretching 3 miles and rows of coconut trees, Ngapali offers an ideal, perfect space for relaxation, particularly for those who have just get married. Get there, you can indulge yourself in various interesting activities such as swimming, sunbathing, rowing, riding bikes, etc. Moreover, you will have chances to enjoy fresh seafood that the fishermen catch from the offshore.

3. Putao town

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Running along Namlaung river and being surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Putao town has been famous for its romantic scenery. It is the reason why this town draws a significant number of tourists every year from all around the world. Because Putao town is in the North of the country, its temperature is remarkably colder than other regions. Therefore, you need to prepare more warm clothes, wool hats, gloves, and socks when visiting this beautiful town. Additionally, Putao offers challenging mountain climbing for those who love adventurous traveling.

4. Bagan city

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Bagan must hold the top rank of most attractive tourist destinations in Myanmar because of its crucial politic and economic roles in the past, long-term history and conservation of thousands of Buddhist temples. If you are free, you might board a hot air balloon flight to hold an overall view of the temple at sunset. You are definitely astonished by its alluring beauty.

5. Inle lake

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Inle lake is the home to fishermen in Myanmar. They live in floating stilts houses on the lake and catch fishes for their livings. There is thick forest with immense mountain and fertile valley near the lake. Tourists definitely experience a day of living on the lake by boat to explore the daily life of the locals as well as enjoy the tranquility of nature.

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