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Myanmar – A Peaceful Land of Magnificent Buddhist Constructions

Coming to Burma, tourists will not only have a chance to admire the unique architecture of the Buddhist constructions but also find your inner peace in this beautiful land.

Shwe Taw Myat pagoda is usually the first stop in the journey to the golden land after landing at Yangon National Airport. This place is said to preserve a tooth of Gautama. Burmese people come here to pay homage to the Buddha as well as to stick the gold plates on the Buddha image in order to show respect to him. As any temples in Myanmar, people have to remove socks and shoes before entering the site. This place does not require the entrance fee.

• Opening hours: Daily, 9am – 10pm.

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The next stop in Yangon is the shimmering Shwedagon pagoda which is one of the must visit spots in Myanmar. The building was covered in gold and decorated with thousands of diamonds and rubies which is notably the 76 carat diamond placing on the top of the stupa. It is surrounded by numerous shrines preserving the precious Buddhist relics.

• Entrance fee: $8US/person
• Opening hours: Daily, 4am – 10pm. Shwedagon pagoda will open 24/24 in some special occasions.

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Situated in downtown Yangon, Sule pagoda stands out from other buildings with the 48m gilded top. In 19th century, after the British’s city planning, Sule pagoda lies in the busiest crossroad of Yangon among many colonial constructions.

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• Entrance fee: $2US/person
• Opening hours: 4am – 10pm daily.

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Lies in Bago – the ancient capital of Burma in 15th century which is 70km from Yangon, Shwethalyaung pagoda is famous for the enormous lying Buddha image of 16m in height and 55m in length built in 10th century. The site opens free for visitors.

• Opening hours: 6am – 10pm daily

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200k from Yangon is the third prestigious site of Burma just after Shwedagon pagoda and Mahamuni pagoda – Kyaiktiyo pagoda or the Golden Rock. The gigantic rock hangs in the edge of the 1,100m cliff challenging the power of gravity. It is believed that the rock can stand in that position for so long owing to the strand of Buddha’s hair preserving in the stupa above holds it from falling from the cliff.

• Entrance fee: 4.5USD/person

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Located in the Shwegondine street, Yangon, Kyaukhtatgyi pagoda or Chauk Htat Gyi pagoda features a colossal lying Buddha statue. The image was constructed in 1906 and renovated in 1957 with the height of 16m and the length of 72m.

• Entrance fee: $5US/person
• Opening hours: 6am – 8pm daily

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