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Baphuon – The Most Beautiful Temple in Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor, for long, has been a wonder of the word and a not-to-be-missed destination for travelers in Cambodia.
Build in the period of King Udayadiyavaman (1049 – 1065), the sacred Baphuon temple is glorified as the most beautiful one in Angkor. Located only 8km from Siem Reap, this temple is a must-see on the route of Vietnam to Cambodia river cruises.

About 50 years ago, when the archaeological found Baphuon, it was in the totally-damaged status. To save this architecture from the power of time, since 1960, the French scientists have started the plan to renovate and over 3000 stones were dismissed.

baphuon temple 2

However, the faith of Baphuon was one again devastated because of the invasion of Red Khmer army. Then, the scientists had to try their best again to save Baphuon in 50 years more until it was renovated completely and transformed into its original structure. Since 2011, this relic has become a famous tourist destination in Cambodia which attracts even luxury passengers of Mekong river cruises.

The way to Baphuon is impressive, you will pass the thousand-year-old bridge of Naga of which carving art is obvious excitement to travelers. It’s more interesting when stepping inside the holy world inside the temple. The amazing human’s trying really brings a new light for the relic.

baphuon temple

Specially, you can visit the temple in many ways, not only tour packages but also Saigon to Siem Reap cruises with some best cruises option like: Jahan Cruise and Jayavarman Cruise.

Some notes for visiting Baphuon: no touchin stones, no smoking, no short, no short dresses, no pet, ko sitting on stones. These rules are to guarantee the superb of temple, the stay of Gods.

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